Surprisingly Good!
I approached this book with some trepidation as I was unsure how I could handle reading something meant for little children. However, when the first story brought a tear to my eye, I knew that this was one worth reading. Each story, teaches a lesson, is well constructed, and obviously well thought out. From Lizzy realizing that there are others out there in greater need than herself to Lizzy learning how to accept the loss of a loved one, these are tales to capture the imagination of the very young, and perhaps give food for thought to the very old. The book is beautifully illustrated, and each story is short enough not to lose the child’s attention. I cannot recommend it enough. I would give it five stars.
regards Bob Jacobs (British author in UK)
Author of Daisy Weal,
Daisy Weal and the Monster,
Daisy Weal and Sir Charles….and…
Daisy Weal and the Last Crenian
Fantasy Adventures

Princess Lizzy is such a great compilation of stories about lessons Lizzy learns as a young child. Lessons about love, friendship, communications, setting goals, giving, life and death. Presented in short stories about particular situations, these are fun to read and made for children to understand and appreciate more and more as they grow. Lizzy has a very loving family who helps her and helps readers make informed decisions in their own little lives. A very enjoyable read for all.  ~Tim Johnson, author

“Princess Lizzy is the child we all want to have, and the adult we all wish we could be.  Her adventures are both fun and share great life lessons all at the same time.  When you step into Lizzy’s world, you step into a wonderful world where kindness rules.  As a young mother and Christian, I want my child to hear the message that Princess Lizzy has for each of us.  Everyone is special and everyone deserves to be loved, no matter what.”
-Katherine Robinson, young mother, pastor’s wife, and blogger    Jenks, OK        

“Vivacious vignettes”
Growing up with Princess Lizzy, by “Gma Mary” Adkinson is a delightful book for beginning readers.Peppered with cute illustrations, and important insights for youngsters,
the assorted short stories inside highlight some of the encounters a person
has along their life’s journey. Sharing, helping others, kindness, and dealing with loss are among the concepts presented through brief vignettes. The lessons will help encourage children to become the best individuals they are capable of being. Try introducing your little ones to Princess Lizzie this holiday. Recommended for children under 7 years of age.  ~Trinisse Chanel, author
”Now that I have young grandchildren, I realize the importance of books that attract a child’s eye with vivid colors while gently portraying life’s lessons.  Mary Adkinson effectively takes a child’s curious wanderings and turns them into sweet tales of learning about their daily world.  Growing Up With Princess Lizzy is a book I’ll be reading to my grandchildren again and again.”
-Lea Hensley, Review Columnist and grandmother    Tulsa, OK

“Your stories are just good, at the right vocabulary level, and with life lessons in a very palatable form. Nothing more could be asked.”
-Arlie Wood, magazine and newspaper columnist and experienced great-grandfather
                                                                        Midwest City, OK

I believe you have landed on a good teaching tool. The Princess Lizzy series each are short but with valuable life lessons. Keep going with more of Princess Lizzy.
~Jerri Stafford Lange, grandmother Chippewa Lake, OH

Submitted on 2012/11/15 at 4:23 pm
Author Mary Adkinson – a.k.a. Gma Mary – has, as a mother of 6, with 17 grandkids and 6 1/2 great-grandkids, a lot of experience in reading to and teaching children. Prior to retirement, Mary worked as a Doctor of Optometry, but upon retirement she felt the time was right to delve into her passion – writing.
The Growing Up With Princess Lizzy stories were originally written for one of her granddaughters, and at some of the stories were based on real life experiences. The spark for compiling those stories in a published book came from her son who felt it was important for Mary to share them with other young people, and, those just young at heart.
Readers will find brief stories shedding light on sharing, kindness, giving, having empathy for those who have less, loving even when other people can’t return that love, helping around the house, setting goals, adopting pets from an animal shelter and loss. These short stories offer perfect fodder for further discussion, and are brief enough to keep the attention of the most active child or the sleepiest one.
Growing Up With Princess Lizzy is suitable for children between 4 and 8 years old, with the main character – Lizzy – using the language and experiences of an early grade school child. Published and printed in the US, offering a price of 16.95 for a 52-page glossy soft cover book.
Readers can follow Lizzy, interact with the author, and download a free coloring book via:
Award-winning authors Dave and Lillian Brummet: owners of the Brummet Media Group (, offering book publishing services from formatting to cover design, graphic design and promotion material creation, books and CD’s, the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio: and the Brummet’s Conscious Blog:

Andrea Morriss on November 29, 2012 at 5:08 pm said:
The little life lessons of the star-eyed Princess Lizzy are a gentle example for us all. My favorite story shows how persistence and goal setting lead to success. The simple, straight-forward stories acknowledge the wisdom of and the respect for Mother and Daddy.
I love the illustrations. The people are made of triangles with oval feet and hands which is great for working on shape recognition. The best part, though, is everybody has stars for eyes, red hearts on their chests, and smiles on their faces. The cat, trees, sun and cloud have stars, hearts and smiles, too, and even the cookie-crumb carrying ants sport star-eyes and red hearts.
Reading this book, smiles and happiness spilled over me and my little listener.

J.Stone, writer girl:
I love Princess Lizzy. There is a bit of her in each of my own daughters. And I love overall that the story conveyed a message while entertaining. I find this very important when reading stories to my daughters…that the book be entertaining with a subtle message. I can’t wait to follow Princess Lizzy, and learn more about her and the adventures she takes! A def. recommend!

I was a First Reads winner (on GoodReads) with this book, and I was so excited to get this in the mail. My daughter is 3 and she loves being read to. I liked that the little girl, Lizzy was simple looking, something kids will love with the shapes that make her. My daughter was drawn into Lizzy and enjoyed having this read to her. The real issues being dealt with in the book were simple yet so meaningful at the same time. If it’s kindness, learning about life, death, working towards a goal, even wondering where sugar cookie crumbs go after they fall, this book is very sweet. I wish it had a few more stories, because we loved it so much. My family can’t wait until the next book! ~Stephanie Larison

BOOK TWO REVIEWS: Growing Up With Princess Lizzy and Her Friends

From Robert A.V. Jacobs, author of the Daisy Weal Series and other books:

If I have one good point, then it is the fact that I always tell the truth, and
if I have one fault, it is that I have never spared anyone’s feelings by lying to them.

So the review below, is and honest and heartfelt one:
I am either entering my second childhood or getting really sensitive in my old age. I loved this book. It teaches life’s little lessons to the really young, in an entertaining and thoughtful way. It is beautifully illustrated throughout, though of all the illustrations, the black cat and the eyes peeking from a shoe are my favourites. Chapter eleven touched a chord with me, and if your children don’t learn anything else other than the lesson told in this one, then the world will become a much better place and we would have left a legacy to be proud of. I award five stars. Go for it Mary, let’s have another one.


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