Princess Lizzy and the Wish Gift

“Mommy, why are there paper angels on the Christmas tree?” asked Princess Lizzy.

Lizzy and Mommy were walking through the shopping mall looking for just the right present for Daddy.

“Those are wishes,” answered Mommy.

“Wishes? Whose wishes?” Lizzy being very inquisitive.

“Wishes from little boys and girls for gifts for Christmas,” replied Mommy.

“Oh,” said Lizzy, still completely confused.

“Some children don’t get presents unless a kind person sees their wish and buys the wish gift for them,” explained Mommy.

“Oh,” said Lizzy, trying to understand.

“Sometimes Mommies and Daddies can’t buy presents at Christmas time for many different reasons. Maybe they had a lot of doctor bills, maybe they lost their job. Sometimes it can be hard Princess Lizzy,” Mommy continued.

“Oh,” Princess Lizzy was beginning to understand. “So someone who isn’t having such a hard time buys the wish gift and gives it to the boy or girl.”

“Yes, that’s right, Lizzy,” said Mommy, hoping Lizzy was able to understand since she was still a pretty small child.

“What are you doing, Lizzy!” exclaimed Mommy as she watched Lizzy taking several of the wish angels from the tree.

“I’m going to get everyone’s wish gift, Mommy,” squealed Lizzy excitedly.

“Oh, Lizzy, I wish we could,” said Mommy a bit sad. “We can do ONE wish gift, but we can’t do ALL of them.”

“Oh,” said Lizzy as she looked at all the wish angels in her hand. “Okay, Mommy, but which ONE?”

“Oh…” said Mommy, “choose which ever one you want and then we’ll go buy the gift for them.”

“What does this little girl want, Mommy?” asked Lizzy, trying to read the writing on the paper angel.

“Well, let’s see,” read Mommy, “looks like she wants a doll.”

“What! She doesn’t have a doll,” exclaimed Lizzy. “Mommy, that will never do! We must get her a doll. Yes, that’s what we will do.”

Princess Lizzy and Mommy found their way to the toy section and saw the most beautiful doll either one of them had ever seen. She was wearing a fluffy pink dress with shiny pink shoes and had a big pink bow in her hair.

“Oh, Mommy,” sighed Lizzy, “I think any little girl would have to love this doll.”

“Yes, Lizzy,” replied Mommy, “I think you are right.; any little girl would have to love this doll. Shall we buy this one for our wish gift?”

Lizzy, trying to be grownup and not let her excitement get the best of her, answered “Indeed, let’s do.”

Lizzy looked up at Mommy who instantly recognized the look Lizzy gets when she is thinking very hard.

“Yes Lizzy,” said Mommy in a knowing kind of way, “what are you thinking?”

“Mommy, you and Daddy buy presents for me at Christmas…” Lizzy said in a half questioning manner.

“Yes, Lizzy, we do,” answered Mommy, not sure where this line of questioning was leading.

“Mommy, instead of buying me any gifts, what if we buy more wish gifts,” Mommy could tell Lizzy was serious.

“Are you sure Lizzy? We can’t do both you know,” Mommy was beginning to catch on to Lizzy’s idea.

“I have several dolls, Mommy. I just can’t think of any little girl not having a doll to love. Boys don’t care for dolls, but I’m sure they have to have something to love, too.” Lizzy was sensing that Mommy might agree if she thought Lizzy was serious. “Really, Mommy! I don’t need anything for Christmas this year. I would MUCH rather give the wish gifts to as many children as we can.”

“Then that’s what we’ll do, Princess Lizzy!” Mommy was getting as excited as Lizzy. “We have a certain amount we have saved during the year for your gifts. Do you want to use ALL of it to buy wish gifts?”

“Yes, yes, Mommy! Every bit of it!” squealed Lizzy in her most excited voice.

“Well, little lady,” said Mommy, “looks like we’ve got some shopping to do!”

Princess Lizzy and Mommy had so much fun buying the wish gifts for as many of the boys and girls as they could. When they had finished shopping and had donated the gifts, they sat down for a break with a cup of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows and a sugar cookie.
“Mommy, this is the best Christmas ever!” said Lizzy, beaming from ear to ear with a chocolate marshmallow smile.

“I do believe you are right, Princess Lizzy,” said Mommy. “I do believe you are right. But, you know what makes me the happiest?”

“Getting wish gifts for so many children?” asked Lizzy.

“No,” answered Mommy.

“Hot cocoa with marshmallows on top and a sugar cookie?” asked Lizzy again.

“No,” Mommy said a second time.

“I give up Mommy. You will have to tell me,” Lizzy giggled.

“What makes me the happiest is that I have a little princess with a giant heart,” answered Mommy as she leaned over and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Princess Lizzy smiled her great big smile. She knew.

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