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Do you have a question you would like to ask Princess Lizzy?

Do you want to ask her a question about one of her adventures?

Would you like to know how Princess Lizzy would handle a certain situation?

Lizzy would love to hear from you and try to answer all your questions!



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2 thoughts on “ASK PRINCESS LIZZY!

    • Dear Megan,
      I’m sorry your kitty ran away. Hopefully, by now it has come back home. Sometimes kitties just go on adventures and come back home when they miss the snuggles and cuddles they used to get. Set out a dish of food or milk just in case the kitty comes by to check for something to eat. That way he knows you are still waiting for him/her.

      Once in a while though, you have to know Megan, kitties don’t come back home.
      Thanks for asking Megan,
      Princess Lizzy

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