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Princess Lizzy and her friends head off on more adventures and are learning little life lessons as they go. Lizzy is a young girl with a big heart and a bigger smile. She learns about being a good friend, how to handle an emergency, sharing with others less fortunate, how to talk to a deaf man, and even visits a real farm. The lessons learned along the way are presented in a kind, loving, and humorous way. Originally created for one of my granddaughters, I was urged to share these stories with other young people and those young at heart. Here they are…..hope you enjoy!
Lizzy is the new role model for 2013. 

Growing Up with Princess Lizzy and Her Friends is NOW available on in digital format.

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New Review of Book Two: Growing Up With Princess Lizzy and Her Friends

From Robert A.V. Jacobs, author of the Daisy Weal Series:

If I have one good point, then it is the fact that I always tell the truth, and
if I have one fault, it is that I have never spared anyones feelings by lying to them.
So the review below, is and honest and heartfelt one:

I am either entering my second childhood or getting really sensitive in my old age. I loved this book. It teaches life’s little lessons to the really young, in an entertaining and thoughtful way. It is beautifully illustrated throughout, though of all the illustrations, the black cat and the eyes peeking from a shoe are my favourites. Chapter eleven touched a chord with me, and if your children don’t learn anything else other than the lesson told in this one, then the world will become a much better place and we would have left a legacy to be proud of. I award five stars. Go for it Mary, let’s have another one.

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